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The First African in Space mission and its intrepid cosmonaut Mark Shuttleworth presented an unmissable opportunity to promote mathematics and science education in schools around South Africa.

Written as a formula or scientific equation, the ideals of this initiative are manifested as “Hip2B²”, a campaign that positions mathematics and science as preferred school subjects with the power to open doors to a bright future, particularly in the fields of technology, science and engineering.

To illustrate this fusion of hip and square, the campaign marries visuals that are traditionally uncool or “square” with those of hip and happening people and situations. Its intention is to inspire a younger image-conscious target market to embrace science and technology as cool and socially acceptable. Clark Kent glasses are now de rigeur!

In September 2002 Interactive Africa extended the scope of the project management of Hip2B². Over a period of six weeks Mark Shuttleworth embarked on a national roadshow to promote mathematics and science. Armed with a technician, a multimedia presentation and a team of great performers, Hip2B² interacted with more than 100 000 pupils in 400 schools.

Interactive Africa managed the communication and marketing of this campaign.




South Africa countrywide