Interactive Africa | Interactive Africa - Commercial activists with a sociopolitical conscience. Founders of Design Indaba.
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Interactive Africa was founded in South Africa in 1994, fuelled by the pioneering spirit of the time.

Our energy and passion for South Africa is exemplified in the marketing and project management of some of the country’s banner events of the last 20 years, including the annual Design Indaba Festival, the First African in Space mission, the African Connection Rally, the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and the 2011 Climate Change Response Expo at COP17.

Founders and producers of Design Indaba

Design Indaba inspires and empowers people to create a better world through creativity. It is a love offering to South Africa. It activates a better future by design.

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Design Indaba Festival online publication
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Design Indaba Publication

where does this go
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Africa. Now.

MBOISA 2016 travelling exhibition
In 2004 / Design Indaba / Flagship Projects

Design Indaba Exhibitions

We partner with global brands on bespoke corporate collaborations

Interactive Africa brings a wealth of experience and a highly connected network of influential thought leaders to bring to life brand messaging in innovative and unprecedented ways.

Design Commons

Design Commons

In 2017 / Brand Collaborations / Design Indaba

IKEA African Design Collection

In 2016 / 2017 / Brand Collaborations / Design Indaba
Africa Rising Lifestyle & Fashion Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa Vibrant, bold, and enigmatic. Africa Rising showcases the work of Africa’s young creatives alongside more established artists from the voluptuous continent’s vibrant metropolises. Editors: Gestalten & Design Indaba

Africa Rising by Gestalten and Design Indaba

In 2016 / Brand Collaborations / Design Indaba

Chefify by Nestle and Interactive Africa

In 2016 / 2017 / Brand Collaborations

We do game-changers.

We’ve worked on projects that have changed the face of the country. The Bid for the World Cup – both the first and second. We put the first African in space. We started the world’s best design conference.

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We collaborate with the best.

Our creative network is our biggest asset. You could say it’s our competitive advantage, but we like to use it in a collaborative way. Together with brands like IKEA, Virgin, Nestle and Vodacom, we’ve curated and produced work as diverse as our partnerships.

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We do work

with impact.

Interactive Africa is a business born from creativity – the very currency we deal in – and a frustration with the formulaic modus operandi of agencies at the time. We do not want to be all things to all people. We go against the cookie cutter. We do work with depth rather than breadth. Discerning in our endeavours, we take on projects with the potential for scale and impact – and which speak to our hearts and consciences.


In 2002 / Social Enterprise
Cape IT Initiative

Cape IT Initiative

In 1998 / Social Enterprise
Your Street Challenge - by Design Indaba

Your Street Challenge

In 2011 / Design Indaba / Social Enterprise


In 2011 / Social Enterprise
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Business by Design.

Over more than two decades we have built an internationally renowned brand from scratch. Design Indaba is heralded across the world as the best design conference; the best African design publication; the Expo that put South African design on the map; the organisation that kickstarted their design career.

As Interactive Africa’s flagship project, Design Indaba is testament to our offering. We are commercial activists with proven competencies in event management, publishing and marketing. Hybrid by design, we head up our own independent projects and do the same for other ventures as a service offering, specialising in bespoke solutions for the corporate and institutional sectors.

Consultancy: Commercial. Creative. Conscience-driven.

Our model centres on developing entrepreneurial marketing and business solutions by using both commercial and creative savvy, to manage ad hoc partnerships and alliances as consultants and project managers. Our focus is innovative, creative and commercial implementation.

Striving to harness maximum socioeconomic impact, we traditionally focussed on four growth sectors: business, sport, technology and the creative industries. Our goal was to grow the economy and facilitate the integration of these particular sectors.

Today we partner with major brands across sectors who invest in creative and economic endeavours that align with these values.

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Think Tank / Do Tank

Ideas are nothing without action. Execution is everything.

Since 1994 our expert team of project managers and production specialists have cut their teeth on putting together some of the country’s most important banner events, projects and campaigns. In recent years we have gone on to work with international brands on both local and global playing fields, from ideation through to execution. Segueing easily from think tank to do tank, we ensure that business vision comes to life while playing close attention to brand integrity.

We sweat the small stuff. We ensure no detail is overlooked. And we make magic happen.